How we Work

Voyager is singularly focused on the ES&E sector that supports the global energy complex.  The global energy industry (including ES&E) has a profound impact on everyone in the world.  Few other industries can say the same.  This profound impact results in prolific amounts of data, news and media coverage, which often creates misunderstandings of energy and its impact upon the world.  Voyager has thus created a framework that simplifies this complexity and governs the way in which we work.  We cannot achieve success in one component of the framework if it violates another part of the framework.  This keeps us balanced and focused.

the Voyager Framework

Best-in-Class Returns

Voyager has been entrusted by our investors to serve as a steward of capital; a mandate that we take very seriously.  Achieving exceptional returns on behalf of our investors is what gets us out of bed in the morning, and keeps us energized throughout the day.  We believe that our ability to achieve these returns is due in part to our focus on, and expertise within, the ES&E sector.

Core Values

We expect ourselves and our partners to be kind, respectful, courageous, and to have the highest degrees of integrity and perseverance. We do this because it is good for business but mostly because it is core to how we want to live our lives.   

Life is short.  Care about what you do, the companies we invest in and the people around us.  Numbers are important but people and the experiences we have with them are more important.

We believe that partnerships do not work without trust and candor. We will be clear in our motives and honest in any situation.

Action is really important. And it says more than our words.

Understanding situations and reacting quickly is core to our strategy and creates value. But only if we are intentional about our thought process, effort, and analysis.

Global Impact

Voyager’s ES&E business sits at a fascinating and exciting intersection of various global trends that are impactful for the global community.  Ideally, energy should be i) reliable; ii) affordable; and iii) clean; and we believe oil and gas is the most critical component of the global energy complex to achieve a better world.  This has been true for oil and gas since it became a meaningful component of the energy complex in the 1940’s.  Affordable and reliable energy (the source of which since ~1960 has been primarily oil and gas) has been the world’s most powerful eradicator of global poverty, and accelerator of the improvement of human life.  In addition, energy supplies have become significantly more efficient and cleaner over time, with significant gains still to be had. 

Voyager’s business framework incorporates environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) considerations that are central to each opportunity we review.  Furthermore, Voyager’s Partners actively support a wide range of non-profit organizations that align with the culture and mission of the firm.  Similar to our investment style, we seek to direct capital to organizations where we can be impactful and make a difference.   We encourage collaboration with our investors and portfolio company managers and employees to collectively donate resources that impact their communities and otherwise address critical issues in parts of the world that are important to them.